How to Avoid the Illegal Air Charter Operator

IS YOUR CHARTER DEAL TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Then it probably is an illegal charter, one operated by an aircraft owner/operator that has not undergone all the rigorous inspections, testing, training for its pilots and aircraft, carries all the required insurances etc.. because its a very hard and time-consuming to be awarded an FAA Air Carrier Certificate. Only a few are handed out a year because of this reason. Most of the smaller aircraft (31 passenger seats or less) are operated under CFR Part 91, those that choose to charge a consumer to fly them to a particular place are required to obtain a CFR 135 DOT certificate. (similar to CFR 121 for the likes of Delta/American/United etc..) FAA awards a civil penalty The FAA recently proposed a $3.3 million civil penalty against The Hinman Co., alleging that its subsidiary, Hincojet LLC, conducted hundreds of commercial aircraft operations in violation of FAA regulations. The agency contends that the company failed to h

Chartering a Private Aircraft

Chartering an Aircra A Consumer Guide to Help You Fly Smarter What is a charter? Charter is probably one of the best-kept travel secrets around. In fact, our research shows that only a small percentage of frequent business travelers have considered chartering an airplane. But now, the secret is out.                                      Each year, thousands of people all over the United States discover the benefits of air charter. And every day, more travelers are discovering just how smart charter can be. Charter is about saving you time and, often, money on your business trips. Safety, security, convenience, and productivity are key reasons why individuals and companies choose charter air travel. Charter is the convenience of traveling on your schedule rather than the airlines’ schedule and flying to airports closer to your final ground destination. With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,500 public-use airports in the United States, air charter

Private Aircraft Charter

Private Aircraft Charter Private Jet Charter is a very useful tool for both business and pleasure. It is a safe, expeditious and fun way to travel around the world.    A private air charter can get you to many places in one day and still have you home for supper with your family! ​ With over 5,000 Airports available to Air Charter, you can arrive closer to where you prefer to be, and faster with no TSA lines, no lost luggage and hassle-free! Follow this link for more information on what it costs to book a private charter flight. You may also call us at 801 910 5134 for questions concerning chartering a Private Aircraft.  You may also submit a charter request for a quote on a private aircraft .